Step into our hopeful world of transformation and resilience as we proudly celebrate the exciting 9-year anniversary of The Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center (TBIRC) serving Northwest Ohio!

In the heart of our community, people with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) wake every morning to days filled with promise and challenge. TBIRC serves as a guiding light for these TBI survivors. Illuminating the critical aspects of brain injury awareness, we have been at the forefront, championing a cause and fulfilling a need that resonates in every corner of Northwest Ohio.


Every day in NW Ohio, an estimated 15 people suffer a traumatic brain injury. Ohio had 11,332 Traumatic Brain Injury-related hospitalizations and 113,356 TBI-related emergency room (ER) visits in 2019 alone (2022 Ohio Biennial Report on TBI). Of those ER visits, more than 20,000 were patients living in NW Ohio. Without ongoing support, half of those with TBI will witness a decline or succumb within 5 years.

1 in 4 Ohioans is a brain injury survivor.

TBIRC is unique in offering ongoing, comprehensive services for TBI survivors We offer a welcome sanctuary, a non-medical facility for healing and a lifeline that extends beyond medical care. TBIRC, because of its non-medical status, is ineligible to receive insurance payments. Offering no-cost help for those already burdened by expenses related to their injuries is paramount to us. Hospital systems recognize that all patients could use continued help. We are here to make sure that help is available.


As March unfolds into Brain Injury Awareness Month, join us at TBIRC on March 16 for a day of enlightenment, fun, and community spirit!

In celebration of our nine years of service, we also invite you to contribute to our mission, amplifying our TBI programming and safeguarding the lives of youth through the widespread distribution of safety gear. Together, let’s propel NW Ohio into a safer future for our children!


Survivor-centric and prevention-driven, TBIRC’s initiatives encompass nutrition counseling, a disease-specific food pantry, and dynamic groups focusing on Return-to-Work Skill Building, Networking & Discussion, and Education. Our Return-to-Work program is a testament to empowerment, honing critical skills that reignite independence in TBI survivors.


Meet Erin, a living testament to the transformative work of TBIRC. At the hospital following an auto accident, one of the nurses happened to mention that The Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center (TBIRC) offered support to TBI survivors and their caregivers. Erin’s family thought they should give it a try. Throughout her years-long journey, Erin has participated in numerous therapeutic and educational activities offered through TBIRC. Erin says that TBIRC has given her a purpose—a place to belong and an opportunity to reassure others like her that recovery is a journey strengthened by sharing it with fellow survivors. Her story embodies resilience, and TBIRC is here to support Erin and all TBI survivors and families back to a life filled with hope and possibilities.


Your contribution can be the catalyst for change:

  • $49: Equips a child in NW Ohio with safety gear and empowers parents with crucial injury prevention information.
  • $99: Offers 1 month of disease-specific food for a veteran with TBI or other TBI survivor.
  • $499: Supports 3 months of specialized therapeutic supplies like specialized pens, scissors, eating utensils and other items that help people return to independent living.
  • $999: Supports 6 months of small group and 1:1 time with a certified occupational therapist for up to 20 people to improve cognitive, social-emotional and physical abilities.


At TBIRC, we operate on the spirit of giving back. As a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization (EIN#: 47-1421039), your contributions are not just appreciated – they are transformative. Your support fuels our mission to prevent brain injuries, enhance survivors’ and their families’ lives, and elevate awareness around an injury that affects tens of thousands of area residents including over 7,000 men and women veterans living with mild to acute brain injuries and more than 19,000 area youth with a history of TBI.


Mail checks to TBIRC, 7430 W. Central Ave. Suite C, Toledo, OH 43617, or contribute online by clicking the button below. For inquiries, call us at 419-214-0555. Jackie Moore, TBIRC Executive Director, is herself a TBI survivor. Helping others is more than just her passion, it’s part of her own recovery journey. As we embark on this Brain Injury Awareness Month, may your days be filled with safety, joy, and the knowledge that you are making a lasting impact on the lives touched by TBIRC.