Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

In the following video, Stacey Hoffman, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with Mercy Health  and a member of the TBIRC board of directors, explains what PM&R doctors the importance of these specialist to TBI survivors throughout their recovery...

Feed Your Brain!

Rachel Scheider, a reporter from Toledo's 13abc, stopped by the center to meet with survivors, discuss the role that nutrition plays in recovery, and learn about a food drive to support the center following a major renovation of the kitchen.

What makes TBIRC special?

Since we opened in April 2015, graduate students from the University of Toledo Speech Language Pathology (SLP) have led group sessions with brain injury survivors under the direction of a clinician.   In the following video created by students, survivors share their...

Welcome, Moses!

TBIRC recently welcomed Moses, a black Labrador retriever puppy, who will be trained as an emotional support dog.  Toledo 13abc's Lissa Guyton visited the center to meet Moses and his role with brain injury survivors.