TBIRC is an educational resource center designed to help raise awareness of TBI. The center is focused on providing hope, health, information and inspiration to those directly affected by a traumatic brain injury. Our goal is to assist survivors, i.e., our guests and their caregivers in four key areas including:

  • Recovery and Rehabilitation – locating TBI specialists covering the broad spectrum of needs including physical-, occupational- and speech therapists, optometrists, and nutritionists. Identifying and assisting clients with registration in clinical trials. Tracking regional vocational rehabilitation facilities and programs. Providing sources for home healthcare if required.
  • Education – informing the greater community about TBI, maintaining a reference library for clients and caregivers and providing a forum for speakers. Helping clients identify appropriate organizational tools and providing resources for learning with electronic devices such as tablets, computers and smart phones.
  • Financial and Professional Assistance – maintaining an emergency food bank for clients and their families, locating legal, accounting or any other professional service that may be needed and assisting clients with paperwork.
  • Support - providing a safe area for clients, their caregivers and families to interact. Offering a location for support group meetings.

The resource center includes facilities to support programming including:

  • An area for veterans' assistance and information.
  • A craft area for survivors and caregivers to socialize and create items to be auctioned off at fundraisers.
  • A library for both children and adults with TBI that will be staffed by a volunteer to help them choose books or read to them.
  • Space for support group meetings for survivors, caregivers and parents of children with TBI.
  • Private meeting rooms for guests to meet with specialists such as therapists and nutritionists.

The center is open to all survivors, their families and caregivers.