With the generous support of our sponsors, the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center is pleased to announce that we have completed a 1,500 square foot expansion of our facility in space directly next to the current location.

We are pleased to announce that the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center has been awarded a MassMutual Community Service Award on behalf of the volunteer efforts of Larry Tomczak, a long-time volunteer and board member at the center. Thanks to Larry and Dyan for their ongoing support of the center and brain injury survivors. This news was featured in the Maumee Mirror. Click here to for the complete story.

The following story features Jackie Moore, co-founder of TBIRC and a brain injury survivor, and details the benefits she has experienced using the DolphinTM FIS® cushion to aid in her rehabilitation.

Melissa Voetsch visited the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center today, spending time with Jackie Moore and Kristi Pickard.  To watch the story click here.

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