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Michigan. I met the good people of the center during the pandemic when I became a mask maker for them. I’ve also been in healthcare for 30 years. I love watching people get better.

Idaho...I like the content put out on the page, and while I am not in the Ohio area and able to take advantage of all your offerings directly I take comfort in knowing there are organizations like yours out there. I am a 41 year survivor. My car crash was in 1979, and groups like this didn’t really exist when I probably could have used the support most.

I was just thinking about one of these. Since my head injury I want something heavy on me and then I put it on , take it off over and over all night. It would be a wonderful blessing if I could receive one . Illinois

Because I can tell when my brain injury area flares up and it feels like a swelled up stiff area. Sometimes it's just there, sometimes im not just there...😐🤕


Arizona my daughter suffered a dai two years ago and have been wanting to learn as much as I can about brain injuries and ways to help my daughter and also to know that we're not the only ones going through this

Ohio.. I follow because of all of the great people and advice I can use. When I was 4 my families car was hit by a train. So I take all the advice I can get.

Massachusetts! I follow because we understand each other. It’s so hard to explain how everyday life has changed to those around us. No explanation necessary here!!!

Virginia, I follow because I love that there are others who just get it and understand it, the info is awesome and a huge help ... my son has had his TBI since 8/10/18, he along with everyone here are true warriors

Ontario Canada I can not find a support group locally. This is such a wonderful place to find understanding and support. It's been so hard and a long road. Almost 5 years for me.

Oregon, I follow because I've only recently learned I have a TBI and have had for awhile is what they are saying. And I'm trying to be brave and venture out into a new world of support and resources

New Jersey and because to know I’m not alone and the great information , and the amazing survivors I get to message with ❤️

Long Island New York. I follow because I was run over by a car hit and run & have TBI. Good to read different stories

Alexandra Star Is our survivor and we love the relatable information. We’re in rural Pennsylvania and struggling with real life social outlets currently. Thinking we’re going to start a local chapter of TBI survivor support group. There’s not one in our local community and we know there are others out there!

Maryland - I enjoy being part of a group that truly understands what it’s like living with a BI. I appreciate the content and feedback. all the information & knowing there are many more amazing people out there who truly understands

Iowa. I follow this page for my sister, Tina. She's a year older and had an AVM rupture about 16 years ago, two days after giving birth to her youngest. We almost lost her, we did a few times... medical intervention brought her back. Her doctors don't know how she survived. They've said as much. While I'm not sure she quite fits into the traumatic part, she does have a brain injury... that she's recovered rather well from. I've followed this group for a while, and still picked up some great information. I also work as a RN, so any information, tips, etc I pick up on here, I can research & implement in patient care, as applicable. I've seen some great results.

Missouri.... I joined the page to get help, know I wasn't alone, and to be honest I was scared to death more than ever about the unknown and what was happening... Doctors can't tell you anything except the worst case scenario and just knew in my gut what they were saying wasn't true for everyone.... This page-group has saved my life, my sanity, and my everything

Winston Salem, NC. I had 3 TBI’s from a motorcycle wreck 6.13.15 💚. All you guys are supportive and when I need advice and someone to relate someone will always help. I thank you!

Ohio- i follow your page because i like learning new things and my fiance was in a terrible car accident 11/11/2019. He was on his way home from working a 12 hr night shift up by Pittsburgh(he's a union laborer) he was stopped at a red light when a semi truck struck the railroad bridge knocking a 20 ton sacrificial beam onto him and his car. He had to have an emergency craniotomy to stop bleeds and has 3 plates in his head now. He's definitely a miracle. 🥰

Missouri.Because my daughter was in a car accident 4years ago and she is a TBI survivor, and she keeps fighting every day. Your page has helped me to understand more, what TBI survivors go true and also what caregivers do and go thru as well. I don’t feel so alone in this fight and it gives me hopes. Thank you for everything you do.

Colorado. For my brother. He suffered a TBI in 2002. The doctors kept telling my parents that he would never regain consciousness. He would never walk, etc. In 2018, he graduated from college. He's working part-time now. He made it and we are all super proud of him. This blanket would be his.

California - and I suffered a brain injury in 2004 - I'm going strong now with my family all around me!!!!!!! I love the space because it gives all the injured poeple a chance to speak to each other and share there journeys!!!!!!!!

Southern California. For my Daddy. Suffered a brain injury on Thanksgiving day 2018 and life has never been the same 🙁

Pennsylvania - my son had a TBI in February of 2019 at age 15. We welcome any and all information to support his continued progress.

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Have a great weekend everyone! ... See MoreSee Less

Or if you have a brain injury. 😂🤦‍♀️😂

Or if you have a brain injury. 😂🤦‍♀️😂 ... See MoreSee Less

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Drove up one day and there was a box on the porch. I thought I had accidentally shipped something to myself that was meant to go to one of my kids. After I opened the box I was relieved and finally remembered it was something meant for me.

Whats good for them is I'd probably forget I ever ordered it in the first Everybody wins!

Peter Hotaling do you know anyone like this 😆

that's TOTALLY me 😉

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