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A Better Life After Brain Injury

Life following a brain injury is difficult not only for survivors but their caregivers and families. We offer inspiration, information, and a supporting community to brain injury survivors. Discover how you can find hope, resources, and support at the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center. Join us on our journey towards a better life after brain injury.


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Community of Survivors

TBIRC is a community created by survivors for survivors. All programming is offered free of charge to everyone regardless of means. Since we are a community center and not a medical treating facility, we are not eligible for reimbursement by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance. Instead, we rely on the support of the community. Donations can be made in person, by mail or clicking the button below.


Note: On the days we are open with no activities listed, we are meeting with individuals by appointment only.  If interested in additional activities or volunteer opportunities at the Center, please call (419) 214-0555 for dates and times.  In the event of inclement winter weather, we will close during Level 2 and Level 3 Snow Emergencies.


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

In the following video, Stacey Hoffman, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist with Mercy Health  and a member of the TBIRC board of directors, explains what PM&R doctors the importance of these specialist to TBI survivors throughout their recovery...

A Conversation Between Survivors

A Conversation Between Survivors

In November 2019 Bob Woodruff, ABC journalist and traumatic brain injury survivor visited TBIRC to share his story with other survivors. Recently Jackie Moore, founder and executive director, shared a conversation with Bob regarding their paths to a new life after brain injury. 

Bob Woodruff’s 2019 Visit

Bob Woodruff’s 2019 Visit

Bob Woodruff, ABC News journalist and brain injury survivor, was the featured guest at a dinner at the Traumatic Brain Injury Resource Center.  Bob and other survivors shared their stories during the intimate evening.  Michaela Marshall, a reporter with Toledo's...

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