TBIRC marked its seventh anniversary in April; and, to celebrate the day, the Center held an open house and bike helmet giveaway for both children and adults.  Over 200 attendees were fitted with the help of staff from Werzel’s Bike Shop, a co-sponsor of the event.  Employees from Mercy Health, another co-sponsor, were on hand to demonstrate to kids the benefit of wearing a helmet by dropping eggs: one with a “helmet” and the other without.  The Mercy Stroke Bus, a state-of-the-art ambulance with an on-board CT scanner was available for tours.  Finally, the Amazing Eli made an appearance, creating balloon creatures and performing tricks.  Despite a little rain early on, it was a perfect day for us to promote brain injury prevention.  After all, the use of helmets has been shown to significantly reduce the level of injury caused in biking-related accidents!