A Better Life After Brain Injury

Life following brain injury is difficult not only for survivors but their caregivers and families.
We offer inspiration, information, and a supporting community to brain injury survivors.

Our Mission


Support traumatic brain injury survivors, caregivers and their families.


Inform professionals whose work touches clients with a head injury.


 Promote prevention.


Increase awareness of the impact of traumatic brain injury on society.

Upcoming Events

Transitional Work & TBI (6/7/19)

This program will begin with a review of brain injury and the global impact of brain injury on cognition, emotions, behavior, and physical function. Concepts related to how the global impacts of brain injury affect the ability to successfully transition to competitive...

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TBI & Substance Abuse (5/3/19)

This seminar is designed to provide an overview of evidence-based research that links the abuse of substances with traumatic brain injury. The program will begin with a review of neuroplasticity, highlighting aspects that can inform clinical practice. The remainder of...

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2018 Fall Festival

Cooler weather arived on Saturday, September 22, just in time for the first day of Autumn and our 2nd Annual Fall Festival.
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2018 Ray of Hope Awards

or the past 16 years, Sylvania Area Family Services has recognized individuals and organizations that make a difference in our community with the Ray of Hope Awards. TBIRC is proud to announce that Jackie Moore, co-founder of the center, has been selected as one of the 2018 recipients.
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